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Sammic understands the needs of your healthcare facility whether a hospital, clinic, elderly care facility, rehabilitation center, or nursing home. The innovative equipment that Sammic has developed can reduce labor time and increase patient satisfaction.

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) is a global standard to describe texture modified foods and thickened drinks for individuals with swallowing difficulties of all ages, in all care settings. The IDDSI framework consists of a continuum of 8 levels (0-7).

Sammic solutions to meet IDDSI standards

KE-8V cutter-emulsifier

The largest bowl processor (8 qt), that conveniently fits on 120v electrical service, on the market gives you more production per batch. The unique 3Hp brushless motor combined with a razor-sharp S blade, processes all your food down into perfectly consistent IDDSI textures. Stop babysitting your processor, take the guesswork out of the kitchen by using the count-up clock to record times, or the countdown timer to end cycles the same time every time. Enjoy the flexibility of reversing the spin of the blades on the fly to allow for mixing or kneading in flavors and textures, expanding the menu by multiplying textures and varieties of the same product.

CK-38V combi vegetable slicer & cutter

Bring all the benefits of the leading bowl processor into your kitchen while adding the functionality of a Vegetable processor for all the slicing, dicing and julienne cuts. With a 1000 lbs. of production an hour Sammic processors provide the smoothest cuts and cleanest dices, without smashing and juicing soft products such as tomatoes. The removable heads are fast and easy to change out and have a focus on labor time with cleanability design.

SH Shredding Discs

This cheese shredding disc has your sanitation needs in mind. The easily detachable blade can be safely removed from the base without having to use screws. These screw heads can be a food safety hazard due to the difficult nature and time-consuming efforts of cleaning under.

XM-51/52 immersion blender

The right choice, means the right size and power. Liquidize and blend all of your sauces, from 8” mixing arms that can blend 10qts at a time, to huge 24” arms that can handle up to 300qts, Sammic has the immersion blender your pizzeria needs. Compact and powerful.

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5-25 beds

25-50 beds

50+ beds

Bowl food processor SKE-3 KE-5V


Vegetable food processor   CA-31


Combi food processor   CK-35V


Hand blender










Salad spinner   ES-100


NSF-listed: guaranteed safety & hygiene


All the items proposed in this page are NSF listed. Check the list of NSF-listed Sammic appliances here.


Combi cortadora-cutter

Combi cortadora-cutter

Un corte perfecto con muchas posibilidades

Se componen de un bloque motor de velocidad variable, cabezal universal o de gran capacidad y un cabezal cutter con caldero de 5 u 8 litros, dotado de rotor con cuchillas microdentadas.

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Combi cortadora-cutter CK-38V 2 en 1: cortadora de hortalizas (450 kg/h) + cutter con caldero de 8 litros
Cutter - Emulsionadores

Cutter - Emulsionadores

Picadoras-mezcladoras con muchas posibilidades.

Máquina industrial para cortar, triturar, mezclar, amasar cualquier alimento en segundos: hierbas y verduras, masas diversas, carnes crudas o cocinadas, pescado, surimí, frutas, frutos secos, hielo, etc.

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  • Capacidad del caldero
8 l Cutter - emulsionador KE-8V Capacidad de la cuba: 8 litros. Velocidad variable.
Cortadoras de Hortalizas

Cortadoras de Hortalizas

Corta-Verduras para obtener un corte perfecto: calidad, producción, ergonomía

Máquina Cortadora de verduras industrial con una capacidad de producción de hasta 1000 Kg/h según modelo.

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Discos ralladores SH

Discos ralladores SH

código artículo
1010318 Disco rallador desmontable SH-1
1010320 Disco rallador desmontable SH-2
1010315 Disco rallador desmontable SH-3
1010322 Disco rallador desmontable SH-4
1010324 Disco rallador desmontable SH-6
1010326 Disco rallador desmontable SH-7
1010328 Disco rallador desmontable SH-8

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